Paisley’s Puppets

Paisley's Puppets

Hello and welcome to Paisley’s Puppets! I am here to spread love, laughter and fun through the wonderful world of puppets! Puppets have always been a joy of mine since I was little. Puppets have a certain magical wonder that one cannot deny. They make us laugh and they are great at teaching life’s lessons. I tend to create peculiar puppets that have their own personality and flair. Even my people look-a-like puppets have their own charm beyond the people they represent. Please check out my puppets for sale on Etsy. Or email me at if you have any ideas for a puppet you want created. Also, I teach puppet making.

Here are some of my custom look-a-like puppets! Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, your favorite artist or person:

Here’s some puppets that have found new homes:

I also have a passion for the band Ween.  So much passion that I had to combine my love of puppets with the band. So I made puppets of the whole band. I have made videos with them and taken them to shows. Check out my Ween Puppets page for lots of  great info!