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I decided to challenge myself again with a puppet video-a-day project for February (yes, I planned it on the shortest month). I think I was mostly successful without beating myself up over the specifics. Making puppet videos was far out of my comfort zone. I barely had any practice. So of course it was harder than I really knew it would be. Having said that, I had a blast. One thing that was fun but difficult was that I could not do it on my own most of the time and needed help. I generally shy away from asking for help because I like to get things done on my own. Or I will plan far in advance for someone’s help. So next time I know to plan more of it and not have it be so last minute.

It started out super fun with some music videos, some joke telling, and a collaboration with my sister and her family. Then I visited friends and we made a politically inspired piece. Then there was some lovely puppets enjoying the woods and more music. In the middle of the month I went to Las Vegas to see my favorite band Ween again and made a few fun and kinda weird videos. After that, I just lost steam. Understandable since I was on the road, a bit tired, and just exhausted trying to think of what to do next. I even made a how-to video but couldn’t get the editing to work properly so gave up. That is okay, though. I am happy to have had this much fun in one month with puppets!

Once again, it was fun and I’d do it again with a lot more practice. I have put all the videos up on youtube for anyone to see. So I hope you enjoy and maybe it will inspire you to make some puppet magic of your own!


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