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Puppet karaoke in the woods!

As I pack for a long weekend camping trip in the woods, I have to save room for my puppets of course. Being a puppet master, it’s the least I can do to keep spreading the love of puppetry far and wide. My obsession for puppets sprouted from this family reunion campout, because it’s one where you bring the fun, however you manifest it. One year I made a few innocent puppets (well some, the first one was a penis, one guy looked like he was high, bacon had to be there, and so on) and they were for my own entertainment even though others enjoyed them as well. The next couple of years I brought sock puppet making and many new friends were made. Then I got elaborate and made a big theater and did puppet karaoke. That was a totally hit and lots of fun. Last year I kept it sort of simple and performed a Ween song with Deaner and his guitar. This year, who knows?! But I have to keep on with the puppets now. I can’t stop. They bring so much joy and that’s what we all need these days! Puppet on folks!

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