Custom Boognish Hand Puppet


Your very own Boognish Hand Puppet! Have fun at Ween shows and sing along to all their awesome sounds! He's rising up from the mist and wants to make your world even more brown. His squishy foam mouth makes it easy to puppet for most people.

This listing is to request a custom made Boognish hand puppet. I can easily do the GodWeenSatan album colors (Pink with blue lines) or many other combinations. Please note that each puppet will vary slightly from the pictures as they are all handmade. Ask first if you have specific color requirements.
He comes in a super soft fabric and squishy foam. The backing is made from super soft and awesome Boognish printed fabric in two color choices!

12-14" tall
10" wide
2-3" thick

Also, the backing fabric comes from Beth Snow's shop on Spoonflower: