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So, I have been obsessed with the band Ween since I was a teenager. Their sound is eclectic/weird rock and blows my mind with every song. They just reunited after a 4 year break and I got to see them in San Francisco two nights in a row. To show my ultimate fan status, I created puppets of the lead members, Gene and Dean Ween. At some point during the first night they noticed the puppets and said something like, “Wow, puppets of us!” It totally made my night!

Gene Ween puppet
Dean Ween shredding before the show!
Gene and Dean Ween rocking out before the show!

We had to make a little video, too. Enjoy Gene and Dean Ween puppets doing Papa Zit!

Gene and Dean Ween photo op after the show!
Dean and Gene and me at the show!
Someone made a meme of Deaner in the crowd the first night!
Deaner rockin’ out after the show!
Gener rippin’ out a ballad or something



Dean and Gene being awesome for the fans!
Gene and Dean Ween ready for the show!
Dean and Gene Ween spent after two fantastic nights of pure browness!
Dean and Gene Ween rockin’ out in the crowd!

I am still at a loss for words to describe how awesome this show was and to share my love of puppets with the fans and with Ween. This show will be etched in my mind forever! Thank you, Ween!

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