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October is always my favorite month. I love the fall colors, the pumpkins, and of course the costumes! I am a maker and cannot resist making things. So this October, I decided to challenge myself and make a puppet every day. I knew it would be a challenge, and named it as such. I stuck to it all month. At the same time, I made two puppets of my favorite band Ween. Those two puppets counted for the challenge, and I was able to take two days off to see Ween in SF (yes I brought the puppets!). I still managed to make 31 puppets in October. Some of them for sale in my etsy shop. Here is the whole month of puppets!

My favorites:

Boo! Cute, cuddly, a bit sad but hopes to cheer you up!
Blue bug will only bug you with hugs!
Chicken! By request…also a fun use of this faux fur.
I like to call this one Bootsie! Groovy and out of this world.



My friends and family have been commenting to me that they really appreciated the fun and colorful pictures posted and often brightened someone’s day. I am so pleased to have experienced making art almost every day. While I may not keep this up constantly, I do keep creating and it helps me get through life one day at a time.


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