May the Puppets be with you!

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We are trucking along here at Paisley’s Puppets spreading the joy that puppets bring to our everyday lives. Three of my puppets found new homes in April, which is lining up with my mission to spread as much joy as possible with puppets as possible.

As with everything in life, plans tend to take turns we do not expect. I had workshops planned but had to cancel them because apparently tax season is not the best time for some people. I live and learn. As it turns out…I did end up having a small wonderful workshop at my studio with two delightful humans and we made some awesome puppets!┬áThese experiences give me some excellent ideas for the future of Paisley’s Puppets. I am excited to now start offering one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions scheduled when you want them! While I do not have any workshops scheduled for this month, check out my Puppet Making page for all the info on my puppet making offerings!

I am excited to announce that Paisley’s Puppets is going to be at Oakland First Fridays on May 5th! Come check us out!

Paisley’s Puppets at Lost and Found Beer Garden Holiday Bazaar 2016

And next month Paisley’s Puppets is going to be at Figment Oakland. Details coming soon!

Lost Sock Puppets at Figment Oakland 2014


2 thoughts on “May the Puppets be with you!

  1. Wedding puppets are the best gift ever! I love them.
    Thank you from J. Eric and Tristan’s Mom. You’re the best.


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