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Sock puppets at Figment! Goat Puppets Go Camping! Wedding Puppets!

Summer is in full swing and we’ve been having a lot of fun with puppets these days. Some highlights include Oakland’s First Fridays, fabulous wedding puppets, and colorful camping capers. June is filled with more puppet action including a free sock puppet workshop at Figment Oakland and another puppet workshop!

Paisley’s Puppets at Oakland First Fridays

Sarah puppets BanJoe for a wee one at Oakland First Fridays!

Paisley’s Puppets came out to play at Oakland’s First Fridays in May. It is always a pleasure seeing people admire and play with my puppets. There was music and dancing, puppet pictures taken, and overall a great time. I met a number of people wanting to do workshops or political fundraising. I will definitely be going to Oakland’s First Fridays again in the future!

Puppet Camping Shenanigans

Kurt loves to greet and bleat!

My goat puppets, Billy S. Burroughs and Kurt VonneGoat absolutely love nature, giving head butts, and meeting new people! They had so much fun in the sun and were bleating about it for days and days. Here is a pic of me and Kurt greeting some fabulous folks!

Fabulous Wedding Puppets!

My good friends got married in May and I had to make puppets of them because they have always been creative and colorful people. Of course they needed puppets of them for all kinds of marital shenanigans. They loved them, of course!

The Groom and Bride sat next to the newlyweds at the reception!

Puppet Workshops!

I just had the most fun at Oakland Figment teaching dozens of people to make their very own sock puppet! It was certainly fun for all and so many people had the biggest grins on their faces. See the whole album of sock puppets made here.

I am also hosting another workshop for hand puppets on June 24th in Oakland at the CoSew. See all the details here or send me an email

Puppet On Folks!

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