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It has been over a year since Paisley’s Puppets started. For me, it has been an adventure like no other. I’ve rocked out with my favorite rock stars, puppet style! I have transformed fleece and fake fur into humans, wild animals, colorful monsters and weird aliens. I taught numerous classes on puppet making and brought my puppets on many adventures. Finger puppets and giant pillows have been my newest obsession.

For 20 years, I have been known to spend many hours at the sewing machine, being ultra crafty, making everything from my wedding clothes to reupholstering couches to being an eco-friendly seamstress, altering clothes with a mission to keep them out of the landfill. I have attempted to master many fiber arts over the years including knitting, weaving, spinning yarn, and needle felting. Making puppets was a natural progression for me. So here I am, in 2018, moving right along in the puppet world with more ease than I thought possible. Thank you so much to my supporters and cheerleaders along the way.

This new year brings many thoughts and ideas that I cannot wait to accomplish and share with everyone. Some things in the works include my puppets doing interviews with other puppets, a rock music video, more workshops and craft fairs, as well as a few other super secret missions.

Bear with me as I try to put all my ducks in a row and roll out the fun stuff! Of course, my mind goes crazy and I think, perhaps I need a duck puppet now? Ha ha! Never a dull moment.


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